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SPRING LAKE — What do you do if your landscaping is lacking and you don’t have the time or knowledge to fix it?

You call Claudia Perez-Gianoli.

Perez-Gianoli, originally from Peru, attended school for landscaping in her hometown of Lima two decades ago.

“At the beginning, I took a workshop about garden design, and I was so hooked on it,” she said. “I love it so much, so I decided to get into the program. Since then, I was doing gardens and had my little company.”

Perez-Gianoli designed, installed and maintained landscaping in Lima, the arid, coastal capital of Peru.

“It’s a different kind of planning,” she said. “It’s a very urban city.”

When Perez-Gianoli married her husband, David, she moved to Arizona — and then, to Florida. The couple had a baby boy and Perez-Gianoli restarted her landscaping business, CPG Landscapes.

“While we were living in Florida, we started looking for a place with a better standard of life,” Perez-Gianoli said. “We were looking around, and Grand Rapids and West Michigan were in the top 10. Everything all around was beautiful, and now we live in Spring Lake.”

Perez-Gianoli no longer installs and maintains her landscaping plans, but rather draws up detailed plans for homeowners to carry out themselves.

“I’m a virtual designer,” she said. “I provide professional advice and recommendations. Nowadays, when it’s very difficult to try to find somebody to execute a plan, or you want to do it yourself, and you can’t find a landscaping company because they’re so busy, that’s what I do.”

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According to Perez-Gianoli, a good landscaping design goes beyond aesthetics.

“You might not like what I like,” she said. “But the best design will work for you in terms of your environment, your maintenance plan and how much time you want to spend on it. Maybe you want a beautiful landscape, but you don’t have much time. That’s what I’m offering.”

Learn more at cpglandscapes.com.

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