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New York (WABC)-The White House states that 78% of adults have been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine at least once.

There is a move to boost vaccination ahead of the expected busy vacation travel season.

United Airlines says it plans to fly 3,500 domestic flights daily in December.

This is about the same number of flights that were in the air in 2019.

United added that flight searches increased by 16% compared to before the pandemic.

The CDC is also calling on Americans to be vaccinated against the flu, saying it will help reduce the burden on hospitals that are already overwhelmed.

The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows: Hochul announces $ 125 million for landlord rent relief

New York Governor Kathy Hokul has $ 125 million to help landlords who were unable to participate in the New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program because the federal government requires tenants to participate in the application process. Announced that state funds are now available. Managed by the State’s Temporary and Disabled Assistance Department, applications will be accepted from Thursday, October 7th. The Landlord Rental Assistance Program provides up to 12 months of overdue rent to landlords who are not eligible for the federal funded program due to the tenant’s decline. Completed the application or surrendered the residence due to overdue. Priority is given to landlords who own small and medium-sized properties.

“Providing a pandemic bailout to New Yorkers has been a top priority for my administration since day one,” said Governor Hokul. “Our state’s rental assistance program is proud to have already provided the relief needed for tens of thousands of New Yorkers, but there are still many small landlords who are not eligible for that relief due to federal regulations. This money is important. A tool to fill that gap and help more New Yorkers recover from the pandemic. “

Vaccine obligations for more New York healthcare workers are imminent

Home medical institutions throughout New York Be prepared for possible staff shortages As the obligation of another COVID-19 vaccine comes into effect. Adult health care facilities, home care institutions, long-term home care programs, and hospice care workers are required to take their first COVID shot until Thursday night. There are approximately 250,000 home care assistants throughout the state, and it is estimated that one in five is unvaccinated.

Nassau County Sends $ 375 to Pandemic-Affected Homeowners About 400,000 Homeowners

Some of the inhabitants of Nassau County $ 375 is on their way After the mayor Laura Callan signs a new pandemic rescue program. The Nassau County Homeowner Assistance Program or “HAP” provides direct payments to as many as 400,000 homeowners. Most households with incomes less than $ 168,900 are automatically eligible. Those who earn more must prove that they have been financially hurt as a result of the pandemic. Apply, NassauCountyNY.Gov / HAP..

Pfizer submits EUA request for COVID vaccine for children

Pfizer to US Government Thursday Allow children 5-11 years to use the COVID-19 vaccine -And if regulators agree, firing can begin within a few weeks. Many parents and pediatricians are seeking protection for children under the age of 12, which is today’s age limit for vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech. Not only can young people become seriously ill, but sending them to school can be a challenge for coronaviruses to remain rampant in under-vaccinated communities.

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What’s New in Coronavirus: Despite the Pandemic, Busy Travel Season Expected

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