Vigil for victims of Waukesha Christmas parade incident (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The driver of an SUV that hurtled through a barricade and slammed into a Christmas parade in suburban Waukesha on Sunday was fleeing from a domestic disturbance moments before he killed at least five people and injured more than 40, police said.

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said Monday that Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was fleeing a domestic disturbance with a report of a knife when he rammed into the parade. Brooks was not being chased, Thompson said. He will be charged with five counts of intentional homicide, Thompson added.

The dead were four women and a man ages 52 to 81. Thompson said 48 people were injured in the crash, which was captured on the city’s livestream as the SUV struck a high school band, children’s dance group and the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies.

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