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Microsoft resurrects Clippy as sticker pack inside Teams

American tech conglomerate Microsoft is introducing Clippy back to Microsoft Teams as a sticker pack.

US prisons face staff shortages as officers quit amid Covid

At a Georgia state House of Representatives hearing on prison conditions in September, a corrections officer called in to testify, interrupting his shift to tell lawmakers how dire conditions had become.

American Airlines cancels more flights; total now over 2,000

American Airlines Inc said it canceled 262 additional flights on Monday, pushing the total number of cancellations since Friday to 2,211, as it grapples with staffing shortages and unfavorable weather. The US carrier said Monday’s cancellations were about 5% of its total flights planned, as of 7.30 am ET. Severe winds at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas have reduced American’s arrival capacity by more than half, with the inclement weather also impacting the airline’s staffing, American had said over the weekend.

US Treasury’s Yellen sees Ireland thriving as investment location

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday said Ireland will remain one of the best places in the world for multinational companies to invest in, even after Dublin gave up its prized 12.5% corporate tax rate as part of a global overhaul.

US Supreme Court poised to hear fight over Texas near-total abortion ban

The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on Monday in challenges by President Joe Biden’s administration and abortion providers to a Texas law that imposes a near-total ban on the procedure and lets private citizens enforce it – a novel design that has shielded it from being blocked by lower courts.

Speaking to world leaders at the newly opened climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, Biden planned to tote up his not-yet year-old administration’s climate efforts and announce new climate initiatives, including billions of dollars in hoped-for legislation to help poorer communities abroad deal with climate damage already underway.

Glasgow: Biden swings focus of climate effort from US to the world

President Joe Biden was swinging the focus of his battle for fast, concerted action against global warming from the US Congress to the world on Monday, scolding rival China on climate and appealing to other leaders at a UN summit to commit to the kind of big climate measures that he is still working to nail down at home.