University Of Florida Professor Debuts First American Muslim Rom-Com Film “Americanish” – WCJB

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – University of Florida professor Iman Zawahry is the director behind the first Muslim romantic comedy “Americanish.”

“This has been my entire life goal. I became a filmmaker. I’m one of the first Hijabi American filmmakers in the entire nation so my entire goal is to represent Muslim women in a positive light,” said Zawahry.

The film takes place in Jackson Heights, New York City where it follows three women on their journey to find love, life, and their careers. Zawahry said under a lighter realm of comedy, the film addresses everything from feminism and family to racism and women in the workplace.

“Even though this is a rom-com. We’ve taken a unique spin on it and it’s something that is necessary and needed,” said Zawahry. “One of the reviewers said ‘this is a quintessential American story’ and that meant the world to me.”

After eight years in the making, Americanish just premiered at a film festival in San Francisco where it won the audience award.

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“The fact that this film has touched so many and reviewed so positively and has won an award from its first premiere, it means the world to me,” Zawahry said. “It means I’ve been fulfilled from everything I’ve been trying to do in uniting our community in America through comedy and storytelling.”

The film will now travel to theaters across the country before making its way to Florida in the fall and streaming services by next year. You can find the official trailer here along with

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