Tough Grader: Rick Scott Gives Joe Biden’s Foreign Trip A ‘D’ – Florida Politics

The Senator was a guest on Newsmax Wednesday evening.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott on Wednesday was asked to grade President Joe Biden‘s foreign trip, and the read was somewhat less than favorable.

The Senator, appearing on the Newsmax cable network’s Spicer and Co., gave Biden a “D” for his performance at the G7 and then during a bilateral summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“So far you’d have to give him a D. I mean, because, what happened? I mean, it comes down to, it’s real simple: what good happened? Why did you take the time and spend the money and do this for no purpose?”

Though the two leaders agreed to resume diplomatic ties and agreed in principle to renegotiate the nuclear treaty between the countries, those were not focuses of the Senator’s polemic.

Scott, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee through the 2022 election, said that he “continues to be disappointed” in Biden, whom he contends would rather have the “title” of President than the job itself.

“As you can tell, nothing came out of it,” Scott said of the meeting itself.

Scott said Biden failed to score a “commitment by Putin to do anything” in the meeting, and that getting real results wasn’t even Biden’s goal in meeting with the Russian leader.

“Biden just wants to have the title of President,” Scott lamented, saying that Biden won’t hold dictators accountable, before again bashing Biden for what Scott considered a pointless meeting.

“He doesn’t think about having a goal to get something accomplished,” Scott maintained. “Why is he in this job as President if he has no purpose?”

“It’s OK to fail,” Scott added, “but (Biden) doesn’t want to acknowledge that nothing happened.”

The Senator continued to fume that there was no policy objective in the meeting.

“What he wanted to do was be ‘Hey, I’m the President and I had a meeting’, but he didn’t say ‘Oh, gosh, at the end I want to make sure that something happened’. He didn’t go that far,” Scott added.

The Senator said Biden just wanted to be “back in the club” of foreign leaders.

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