Today we share things to know before you go to Miami, including the best time to go to Miami and how to save money in Miami. Whilst visiting Miami beach, we share the travel costs in Miami and the typical costs in Miami, so you can budget your trip.

Visiting Miami Florida is beautiful, so we share how to get around Miami without a car and getting around Miami as part of these things to know before you visit Miami.

Miami is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots, known for its trendy nightlife, Art Deco district, historic hideaways and beaches galore.

Best time to visit Miami

The best time to visit Miami is in the Spring, from February through to May. The weather is warm, humidity is low and hurricane season hasn’t started yet. Plus, it is the end of high season, so prices begin to drop as the crowds clear. November to March is also a popular time to visit, with temperatures rarely dropping under 20°C and less rainfall.

Typical costs

Budget: Although a glamorous city, Miami can be visited on a budget. Dorm rooms can be found for as little as $20 whilst private rooms in budget chain hotels cost around $60.
Midrange: Downtown hotels and 3 star boutique hotels will cost you between $150 – $200.
Luxury: 5 star hotels will cost upwards of $240.
Transport: One-way bus fares start at $2.25 whilst car rentals cost as little as $11 a da.
Average cost of food:
Eat your heart at in Miami with some amazing street food costing around $3. Mid-range restaurants cost around $15 whilst popular seafood plates costs between $20 – $25.

How to get to Miami

Flights – The Miami International Airport is the most popular route into the city, with direct flights from other major cities in the US as well as European cities. From the airport, you can catch a Uber or Lyft to Downtown Miami or Miami Beach, taking under 20 minutes and costing around $15.

Alternatively, you can catch the Airport Flyer Bus (Route 150) to Miami Beach running every 30 minutes from the airport whilst the MIA Mover is an easy option to get to Downtown Miami.

Coach – You can catch a greyhound or Megabus to Miami from other major cities in America. There are some great Megabus deals from Orlando and Tampa if you book in advance.

Rail – The Amtrak connects Miami to other major cities in the US but is a slow option.

How to get around Miami

The trolley – Miami has a free trolley service that helps you navigate yourself around the city for free. The service takes you between Miami Beach, Little Havanna, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove.

Bus – You can catch a Metrobus for $2.25 around Miami. However, you will need the exact change or an Easy Card – a top up type card that can be purchased from the Metrorail Stations.

Train – There is also a monorail/train that takes you a 21-mile route around Downtown Miami, with trains running every 5-15 minutes and also cost $2.25 for one way.

Bicycle – Citi Bike is a great bike-sharing program for the experienced cyclist who want to explore the city on a bike. A day pass costs $24 whilst an hour costs $6.50.

Taxis – Taxi fares start at $2.95 for the first sixth of a mile then go up by $0.85 for each additional sixth of a mile – so yes, expensive. Stick to ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

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