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Some parents consider bassinets a must-have baby accessory, right up there with diapers and pacifiers. Although bassinets can only be used for your baby’s first few months of life, bassinets can be great, portable sleeping spaces for your baby in the first weeks and months home from the hospital. Bassinets, unlike cribs, are easy to move around, and many rock or sway to help lull your infant to sleep.

Dream On Me bassinets are a favorite with many new parents because they are both inexpensive and easy to use. The Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is popular because it comes in multiple colors and only costs around $50.

What to know before you buy a Dream On Me bassinet

When selecting the right bassinet for your infant, consider the weight restriction the manufacturer suggests for the bassinet. Many bassinets are only able to be used until your baby weighs 20-25 pounds. If your baby is big for their age, you may want to select a bassinet with a slightly larger weight capacity.

One of the reasons many parents use a bassinet with their babies for the first few months of life is that bassinets are highly portable. Unlike a crib, you can easily move a bassinet from the nursery to the master bedroom, from the living room to the bathroom. With a portable bassinet, you always have a safe, comfortable space to lay your baby while you do other things. Bassinets are lightweight, and many Dream On Me bassinets are easy to carry from one room to the next or even stick in the car and travel with.

Bassinets are smaller than most cribs, making them a great option for small spaces – they’ll even slide right up next to your bedside for easy night feeding access. If you are short on space, a bassinet may be perfect for you and your baby during the first few months. Even better, many Dream On Me bassinets fold flat, meaning they can be stored under a bed or in a closet when not in use to minimize the amount of space they take up.

Dream On Me bassinet features

A canopy is a great feature to have on a bassinet if you plan to keep the bassinet in a bright room that may need some shade to help your baby sleep. If you plan to use your bassinet outside, a canopy can help keep bugs away from your baby, and is great for helping create a quiet space for your baby to sleep.

Some Dream On Me bassinets come with wheels, making them easy to move from room to room with minimal effort. If you plan on using your bassinet throughout your house to help your baby sleep, a bassinet with wheels may be the right fit.

If you have a baby who likes to be lulled to sleep with some sort of gentle motion, you might find a rocking bassinet works well for you. Some Dream On Me bassinets are able to be gently rocked back and forth in a soothing motion that may help your baby get to sleep more easily.

Dream On Me bassinet cost 

Dream On Me makes a number of bassinets that vary widely in cost. A Dream On Me bassinet can cost anywhere from $50-$180, with most models costing less than $100.

What sheets should be used with a Dream On Me bassinet?

A. Any standard bassinet sheet should fit your Dream On Me bassinet. A standard crib sheet, however, will be too big for your bassinet mattress. And remember, you should never put any blankets or soft toys in the bassinet with your baby — they can pose a suffocation risk. Put your baby to sleep on their back in the bassinet without anything else in the bassinet with them.

What if the bassinet gets dirty? 

A. If your bassinet gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning it, as some parts of the bassinet may be able to be removed and tossed in the washing machine, such as the bassinet sheet.

Which Dream On Me bassinet should I get?

Best of the best Dream On Me bassinet

Our take: Lightweight and available in multiple colors, this bassinet folds flat when it isn’t in use.

What we like: Featuring a large canopy that zips closed for privacy, this bassinet is easy to take from room to room and has a large storage basket to hold all of your baby’s necessities.

What we dislike: This bassinet doesn’t rock, and some users report that the mattress is flimsy.

Best bang for your buck Dream On Me bassinet

Our take: This bassinet has hooded wheels and a large canopy, and can be easily converted to a cradle.

What we like: Wheel your baby easily from room to room in this stylish bassinet that doubles as a cradle when you enable the rocking feature. The large storage basket will let you keep your baby’s diapers and extra outfits close by.

What we dislike: Some report that this bassinet is somewhat difficult to assemble.

Honorable mention Dream On Me bassinet

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet: available at Amazon 

Our take: This fold-flat bassinet comes with a carry case, making this ideal for traveling with your baby.

What we like: Lightweight and easy to assemble, this Dream On Me bassinet is made for convenience. Mesh siding makes it comfortable and breathable for your baby, and it comes in multiple colors. This bassinet accommodates babies up to 25 pounds.

What we dislike: This bassinet doesn’t have a storage compartment or a rocking feature.

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