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South Florida is known for its beauty — from beautiful white-sand beaches to sunny, warm temperatures, to beautiful people and beautiful cars. If you have spent time in Miami, Palm Beach, or any of the other cities in the area, chances are you have seen some of the world’s most exotic cars.

Florida is one of the top three states that are considered epicenters for luxury cars, alongside California and New York. Around 14% of all cars sold in Florida are from luxury brands. This is likely partially due to the influx of residents that South Florida has seen since the start of the pandemic, as people from all over began to migrate south in search of sunshine and freedom.

Whether you are spending the winter months in Miami or making a permanent move to the Sunshine State, Superior Exotics Team will take care of all of your luxury car needs — from auto repairs to exotic car rentals. Yasser Salman started the business three years ago but it has since evolved into much more.

On top of being an auto repair shop, Superior Exotics Team has also partnered with Michael Citron to provide a luxury car rental service. The rental options include everything from Aston Martins to the Rolls Royce Cullinan to the Ferarri F8 Tributo to Mercedes AMG GTs and G63 AMGs and more. The rental service is largely successful due to word-of-mouth referrals, keeping the clientele list of high-profile individuals, celebrities and athletes tight. Salman and Citron are also in talks to expand rental service to yachts and other vessels, so keep an eye out in the coming months. 

Superior Exotics Team takes pride in being a family business. The team has spent the past three years offering exceptional customer care, operating in the most ethical of fashion and ensuring each client is satisfied with any service they are looking for. To learn more about Superior Exotics Team, visit their website and Instagram.

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