Sitehues Media A Leading Digital Marketing Agency In Central Florida Launches An Innovative Digital Business Card For Businesses & Networkers Called GOCRD – PRNewswire

CLERMONT, Fla., June 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GOCRD is a revolutionary paperless networking/business card platform that is changing the way people network and promote with a business card. Users can create their own GOCRD, have it hosted online, and receive a printed PVC card that is powered by NFC to carry for easy profile sharing. Sitehues Media Founder Sean Richard previewed a sneak peak of GOCRD in mid Dec 2020 on Facebook while in development phase. Since December of last year there have been many additions to the user dashboard and card functions that make it the most powerful in the market today.

The most powerful business card replacement in the world! (PRNewsfoto/Site Hues Media) Raja Murugan CTO and co-founder of Sitehues Media says “GOCRD is without a doubt the most powerful business card replacement in the world, GOCRD allows business owners to share their brand message, interact with their network via push notifications, and sell your products or services. All manageable from a web/mobile app-based dashboard, and we are just getting started.”