Shaun White and members of USA men’s snowboard halfpipe team talk before competition | USA TODAY

Shaun White, Taylor Gold, Chase Josey and Lucas Foster talk to the media ahead of their competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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How Is Batter Better Than Batsman Or Batswoman?

In normal English usage the word ‘batter’ means ‘hitting hard someone or something again and again’, and the word is also used in cooking and beating a person, mostly in unfortunate cases of ‘wife battering’. In England, where the English language originated and became a world language, the usage of ‘a batter person’ is someone being ‘regularly hit and badly hurt by a member of the family or his or her partner’ who could be a child or a woman…

The Course Pack Is Designed To Be The Primary Source Of Course Materials

Custom course packs give university instructors enormous freedom in course design. Unlike traditional textbooks, course packs can take any shape, and can be tailored to fit almost any subject matter, teaching method, or educational goal. These qualities, combined with their reasonable cost, make course packs very popular among university instructors. Cost aside, however, many university students see course packs in a very different light. To students, many course packs are an intimidating maze of texts that are highly confusing and difficult to navigate. If the course pack is a collection of undifferentiated articles or discrete book chapters without organizational signposts, clear reading guidelines or chapter headings, students must struggle to build the contexts necessary for comprehension.

Teacher Professional Development Trainings Must Be Relevant to His/Her Needs

Continuous upskilling of teachers is a must-do. Yes, if we want to be proficient enough to deliver what is expected of us. Teaching strategies, principles behind reading challenges among learners, to mention a few, are good solutions toward getting the relevant skills in tis 21st century teaching/learning situation.

To Choose God or Not

The father of one of my daughter’s friends died on the West Coast Road. What a tragedy.

Grace for the Boundary Breaker

Many people are made to be decent. It’s as if they never do anything wrong.