Shad And Reed Defeat Dolphin And Jaguars Match In London –

When the Miami Dolphins play against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, the team will be playing for the 11th time since the Jaguars debuted in 1995.

All time series are connected by 5-5.

Jaguar won the first two meetings. The first meeting in 1998 ended with a 28-21 victory, but the team met only a second time in the playoffs.

As a result, 62-7 Jaguar won, making it the last match played by Hall of Famer Dan Marino.

Dolphins won four of the following five between 2003-14: Jaguar won in 2015 and 2018, and Dolphin won at the final meeting 31-13 on September 24, 2020.

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Over the last two decades, the game has featured a number of quarterbacks, including two that the team had in common.

Jaguars include Mark Brunnel, Jay Fiedler, Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles, Cody Kessler and Gardner Minshew.

Dolphins include Marino, Damon Huard, Fiedler, Joey Harrington, Henne, Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Fiedler is the only quarterback to win on both sides. He saved Marc Brunel, who was injured in the 2000 Jaguars playoffs, and led the Dolphins to victory in 2003 as a starter.

In this weekend’s contest, rookie Trevor Lawrence will lead a jug against Jacoby Briss, or perhaps Tua Tagovailoa and the dolphins. Before the season, a match between Lawrence and Tagovailoa was expected. Tagovailoa is on the disabled list with broken ribs.

So who has the upper hand in this game? In this week’s Florida Sports Podcast * State *, we asked that question and defeated Jacksonville Times Union writer John Reed and Palm Beach Post writer Joe Shad by Dolphins.

Both have covered their respective teams for many years, so they both know how it works.

Find out how Jaguar players handle the latest Urban Meyer scandal.

And how dolphins deal with disappointment after the many hopes that come into the season.

Both teams are in a difficult situation with future schedules.

After the Jaguar, the dolphins have Falcon, Bills, Texans and Ravens. The Jug, on the other hand, has the Seahawks, Bills, Colts, and Forty-niners.

Jaguar wants continuous improvement and dolphins are looking to get back on track.

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