Senator Elizabeth Warren Rips Jeff Bezos For Space Travel –

Sen Elizabeth Warren Burnt earth Jeff Bezos Leaving Earth–She says she’s angry with his space travel and should do so for those who are paying taxes.

I met a senator at Reagan National Airport on Thursday and asked her about the wealthiest man in the world adding herself to his aerospace company, Blue Origin’s first manned spaceflight.

According to Warren, Bezos’ flight into space is a complete insult to U.S. taxpayers, and Bezos isn’t paying taxes fairly. At least, according to Senators, the trip is effectively by them. Funded.

As she said, Amazon Honmachi is laughing all the way to space.

Waiting for permission to read Instagram media.

As we reported … Jeff and his brother During space travel On July 20, on a rocket ship named New Shepard, they auctioned a spot for six-seater capsules, with a maximum bid currently approaching $ 5 million.

In fact, Bezos had about $ 190 billion in assets and couldn’t afford to rocket, no matter how much tax he paid.

Of course, that strengthens Senator Warren’s claim. Check out the video … you can feel her contempt for Bezos.