SBC Digital North America: Igaming And Sports Betting Crossover Trend Continues –

Operators should take into account crossovers in the gaming arena when attempting to use land venues as a complement to their mobile strategy.

Vik Shrestha, Senior Director of PlaySports IGT, said a plethora of crosses between table games and sports betting as part of a panel entitled “Innovative Loyalty-Leveraging Retail Channels for Mobile Strategies.” I explained that I was watching over.

He pointed out that this is very obvious in the states that have legalized iGaming and online sports betting. Shrestha said: “In New Jersey, where iGaming and sports betting take place, there are many crossovers with online patrons, table games and sports betting.

“I’ve seen Michigan adopt both, so I think that trend will continue in more states in the future. Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of cross-play with that patron on both channels. “

Shrestha has joined the panel with Cameron Hickey (Director of PointsBet Sportsbook and Player Development) and Rob Lekites (Retail Sports VP, GAN). The session was moderated by Evan Davis, Managing Director Betting of Seventy Six Capital.

Lekites agreed with Shrestha and noted that he also noticed a crossover between table games and sports betting. To take advantage of this, VPs shared that they often place sports betting kiosks next to table games.

He added: “What we’ve seen with the existence of sportsbooks on the boundaries of multiple jurisdictions is that when sportsbooks are launched, the majority of players have ever called them. I haven’t seen it. They are not well-trained players.

“There is a whole new vitality and customer base that casinos have never seen before. This gives casinos the opportunity to try to acquire those players. It’s difficult to card them in the system. However, as an operator, it is very important to work with the casino to get these players involved in the loyalty program, which is often overlooked.

“The biggest thing is that when the casino is considering launching a sportsbook, the vast majority of players drive and bet from a great distance, so it’s very much between table games. There are many crossovers in. We do things like place the kiosk next to the claps table so that players can access those kiosks. The crossovers are absolutely amazing. “

The debate quickly turned from casino operators to concerns about allocating space available for additional casino tables to new sportsbooks.

However, Hicky strongly favored retail sportsbooks. Based on his own experience and the experience of PointsBet, many casino operators have implied that they are excited to add retail sportsbooks to the venue.

He told listeners: “If you’re talking to a casino operator, they’re interested in adding sportsbooks. Personally, as someone who spent a few years in Las Vegas. , I spent some of my favorite time in sportsbooks.

“Retail sportsbook advocates will be bigger than me! If you ask me, there is no better place than a retail sportsbook.”

After investigating the need for face-to-face registration in states such as Illinois, panelists were asked if this requirement would help or hinder sportsbooks to increase traffic.

Hicky responded overwhelmingly to the bill, saying that point bets are willing to operate in states across the United States.

He added: We are pleased to be able to play according to all the rules in front of us.

“We considered the benefits of this, especially when looking at Illinois. There are three locations in the Chicago area. No one else has more than one. Some people find face-to-face registration a disadvantage. Maybe, but the elected officials are happy to follow the rules we are blessed with. “

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