Ron DeSantis Threatens To Overtake Joe Biden In Presidential Prediction Market – Florida Politics

The Governor overtook Vice President Kamala Harris in October.

Prediction markets are showing momentum for “America’s Governor” in becoming the American President.

Action on the PredictIt platform shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis nearing President Joe Biden in the estimation of its investors, after having overtaken beleaguered Vice President Kamala Harris weeks ago.

“DeSantis, who had been in fourth position, overcame Harris on Oct. 16 and is now just 1¢ below the current President with 22¢ as Harris has dropped to 13¢,” asserted a “Predictable Insights” email from PredictIt.

DeSantis’ rise in recent weeks tracks with a surge of enthusiasm for former President Donald Trump, who tops all options at 31¢ for a yes share.

“In a theoretical match-up between Trump and Biden for the 2024 presidential election, Trump leads 31¢ to 23¢. The candidates flipped on Oct. 3, when Trump took the lead with 30¢ and Biden fell to 27¢,” the email notes.

DeSantis only trails Trump in the estimation of PredictIt investors regarding who might be the Republican nominee. Trump is a 41¢ yes share, while DeSantis is 27¢. Ambassador Nikki Haley is the next closest Republican, at just 8¢.

The Governor’s political future continues to be under national scrutiny. CNN looked Friday at the dynamic between Trump and DeSantis, offering reminders of Trump’s belief that he made the Governor with his pivotal endorsement in the 2018 gubernatorial Primary.

DeSantis continues to deny interest in a 2024 run for the White House, but recent polling shows momentum for the Governor as the most preferred Trump alternative, should the 45th President not run again after all.

DeSantis says his focus is on his re-election campaign, but his messaging is that of a national figure.

On Thursday, his campaign released a long form essay defending Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in the deaths of two men and shooting of a third during a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“The whole Kenosha episode has been a tragic farce built upon a foundation of corporate media lies,” DeSantis asserted in a midweek blast about issues far away from the so-called Free State of Florida.

DeSantis has been cognizant of contrasting his administration with Biden’s in Washington, including capitalizing on the recent Republican enthusiasm for the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant by signing bills opposing vaccine mandates at Brandon Honda in the Tampa area.

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