Ron DeSantis Claims Joe Biden ‘committed A Fraud On The Public’ By Claiming He’d Unite America – Florida Politics

DeSantis says people are ‘dissatisfied’ with Biden.

Florida’s Governor said Monday in Jacksonville that President Joe Biden “committed a fraud” during his campaign for President by saying he would unify the country.

“He is being held captive by a very militant, leftist impulse in his party. This is an impulse that I think the vast majority of Americans reject. But nevertheless, that’s what driving this,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said, adding people are turning on Biden because his policies not only aren’t working, but aren’t what the Biden campaign sold.

“I think that adds salt in the wounds,” DeSantis said. “They see gas prices going up. They see grocery prices, they see all of these problems — see, of course, the disaster in Afghanistan, the disaster at the southern border. So they see all that and that’s problematic. But then it’s like, wait a minute: How is it uniting the country to by having an open border … being humiliated in Afghanistan … trying to impose mandates that are going to cause millions of Americans to lose jobs and livelihoods?”

“I think that is why people are so dissatisfied,” DeSantis added.

The Governor had more to say on the subject, including the gap between promises and reality on COVID-19 leaving Biden “in a bad spot.”

“Biden’s in a bad spot because he ran for President saying he was going to unite the country. He ran for President saying he was going to shut down COVID. He demagogued (former President Donald) Trump about COVID, blamed every COVID infection on Trump, and said as soon as he was President, he was stopping it. And yet you’ve seen, you know, the results have been even worse,” DeSantis said. “He failed to shut down the virus. And he failed to unite the country.

“His proposals that he has done are more divisive than any policies, Republican or Democrat, in my lifetime that I can think of. So that’s what’s driving the dissatisfaction,” DeSantis said. “Part of it’s the policies aren’t working and I think we have the responsibility to call him out.”

“But I think also the dissatisfaction is driven by … people appreciate when you run and say you’re going to do stuff and you do it, even if they don’t agree with it, they kind of give you credit for doing what you said you were going to do,” DeSantis added.

The Governor’s tough talk toward the White House and beleaguered Biden appears to be paying off, at least in the estimation of those playing the 2024 Presidential prediction markets.

“DeSantis, who had been in fourth position, overcame (Vice President Kamala) Harris on Oct. 16 and is now just 1¢ below the current President with 22¢ as Harris has dropped to 13¢,” explained a “Predictable Insights” email from PredictIt recently.

DeSantis also likely feels emboldened to make his case due to evidence that the national Democratic Party appears to be downplaying its chances in Florida. The Democratic Governors Association will not be as aggressive in the state as it was in previous cycles, and one can expect DGA not to be an outlier.

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