Rick Scott’s ‘inconvenient Truth’: Hispanics Will Vote Republican – Florida Politics

Scott borrows a phrase from Al Gore in his latest opinion piece.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott continues to project optimism about Hispanics ultimately voting Republican.

To that end, the Senator and head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee presented an “inconvenient truth” for “Democrat politicians, consultants and their defenders in the liberal media.”

“Hispanic voters are becoming Republican. It’s happening right now, and there is no stopping it. This isn’t something we are hoping for, this is something that is in process. This train is moving,” Scott contended in an op-ed for Fox News.

Namely, that the Republican Party will ultimately secure the pivotal voting bloc, seemingly as effortlessly as Scott stole the “inconvenient truth” phrasing from former Vice President Al Gore.

“Democrat politicians, consultants and their defenders in the liberal media have pushed the narrative for decades that Democrats were building a permanent majority coalition. They’ve argued that demography is destiny and the expanding share of minority and young voters would create a coalition of Democrat voters that shuts out the Republican Party for a generation or more,” Scott contends, calling that line of thinking a “myth.”

Scott noted that both he and Sen. Marco Rubio were competitive among Hispanic voters.

“Republicans also picked up two competitive congressional seats in Miami-Dade County in the 2020 election while Donald Trump won the state by more than three points due in large part to significant gains among Hispanic voters,” Scott contended.

Scott’s Fox News op-ed was an attempt to reheat polling conducted in April about how Hispanics, “aspirational” by nature, are aligning with Republican talking points.

“Democrats seem to be puzzled about why Hispanic voters are moving away from their party in droves, but the reasons could not be more clear,” Scott posited in a statement from the NRSC. “Hispanic voters are aspirational and want the freedom and opportunity that Republican policies provide. Democrats believe in big spending, big government, open borders, and fewer freedoms for hardworking families — all policies soundly rejected by Hispanic voters in our poll.”

The polling data, collected in April, surveyed 1,200 likely Hispanic voters from battleground Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio, all places with live Senate races next year. On questions ranging from transgender athletes in youth sports to whether corporations should withdraw business from places that pass laws they don’t like, the NRSC collated data that supported its regular talking points.

Among the findings: 65% of Hispanics polled oppose a voter identification “ban,” 72% want to “control the border,” and 66% believe “cancel culture has gotten out of hand.”

The narrative insights from the 34-page deck are arguably more interesting than the math, meanwhile.

“Democrats believe all minorities reflexively agree with them, no matter how bizarre and left wing Dems become,” read one declaration.

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