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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

A web designer named Mac has reportedly named his newborn son Hypertext Mark-up Language, or HTML, in honor of his line of work.

Mac Pascual, of Bulacan in the Philippines, gave his boy the moniker because having unique names is a family tradition — and he’s passionate about his programming, The Sun reported.

HTML was downloaded at the Bulacan Medical Mission Group Cooperative Hospital, weighing 4.9 pounds, according to the Newsflash report cited by the paper.

His aunt, Salie Rayo Pascual, snapped a picture of the small peripheral and shared it on Facebook with the caption, “Welcome to the world HTML.”

Not surprisingly, HTML went viral, with some social media users mocking his name and others suggesting other coding acronyms for babies.

One person suggested “Results-based management system,” while others suggested “JavaScript” or “Cascading Style Sheets.”

Some worried that HTML would get bugged over his name.

“In the future, he could be targeted by bullies and ridiculed,” one wrote.

Meanwhile, Mac pointed out that his own name was actually short for “Macaroni ’85” while his sister’s official name is “Spaghetti ’88.”

He claimed his sister’s kids are named “Cheese Pimiento” and “Parmesan Cheese” – and that they go by the nicknames “Chippy” and “Peewee.”

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