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good morning! We have listed the most important news for you. Start the day with a bitcoin breakfast.

Bitcoin is priced at 61,876.38USD. This is 3.88% more than the previous 24 hours.

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Jacob Asset Management launches Bitcoin Exchange-Trading Fund (ETF). This fund is supported by Physics Bitcoin and is listed on the Cboe Europe Stock Exchange. Jacoby said in a press release.

The only institution that can prevent this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). So something else may go wrong, but the fund itself hopes it will go right

ProShares will start trading on their Bitcoin futures ETF next week. ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF regulatory approval. The fund has been given the ticker symbol BITO.

They seem to have discovered the power of the lightning network in ABN Amro. Ralph Wessels, head of the bank’s investment strategy, looks at the benefits of bitcoin for international payments. “Payment via the Bitcoin network was slow, but an application has been developed that can make it much faster,” Wessels told The Telegraph.