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Port Washington has a welcome mat.

Business and settlement leaders announced Friday that Port Washington has created a digital passport to offer consumers transactions. Downloading the so-called Downtown Deal Travel Pass gives shoppers and visitors access to 10 promotions in Port Washington, including boat rentals, eateries, hotels, and protected areas with historic mansions. I will.

According to President and CEO Kristen Reynolds, Port Washington is one of eight pass-providing communities, launched in September by tourism promotion agency Discover Long Island to encourage regional travel.

“One of the silver linings of 2020 was that Long Island was getting used to what’s in our backyard,” Reynolds said of the North Hempstead Town Dock, where several boats crossed Manhaset. I said while gathering with the officials. Bay. “People who have lived on Long Island for the rest of their lives probably never came to this place.”

Reynolds said 55,000 people visited the Downtown Deals website and more than 4,000 downloaded promotional passports. This is about the same person provided on Newsday. Almost two months ago.

Some downtown are waiting for the start of their own passport program. This demonstrates the success of the initiative, Reynolds said. Discover Long Island will then partner with Long Beach, Bethpage, Freeport, Fire Island, Ocean Beach, Riverhead and Babylon.

According to Reynolds, the hospitality sector suffered during COVID-19, but tourism is the island’s $ 6.3 billion industry.

According to William Gordon, president of the Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District, the Port Washington venue is ready to remind the Tri-State area that the settlement has long been a hideout.

“When the train arrived in the late 1800s, everyone was flocking from the city. They didn’t go to the Hamptons, they went to Port Washington,” said Gordon, who owns the boat company. “We had all the activities, such as hotels, beaches, cabanas, boating, etc. We still have it.”

Maria Dalimonte, a representative of the North Hemsted Town Council settlement, offered visitors to take a kayak, paddle board, water taxi tour and enjoy seafood such as quahog.

“It’s a giant stuffed toy, like $ 5,” said Dalimonte, a fourth-generation resident of Port Washington.

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Port Washington participates in a regional campaign to promote tourism in the region

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