Orlando Tourism Bureau: Disney Dropping Mask Rule “another Positive Step” – News 13 Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. — Stephen Brannon finds joy in two places: Music, and the so-called “most magical place on Earth.”

What You Need To Know Disney World guests who are vaccinated no longer have to wear masks at the parks

The resort is encouraging but not requiring unvaccinated guests to continue mask use

Visit Orlando says the summer travel season could be at or exceed 2019 levels

RELATED: Disney World to ease face mask mandate for vaccinated guests “I wanted to live where the world goes to play,” Brannon says — at the same playground where New Yorker Pino Augello will bring his family in July.

“We haven’t had a vacation in about two years. So, it’s about time,” Augello says.

His daughter aced virtual school, so “we made a deal. You keep doing what you’re doing, you get a big trip.

“(It’s) time to pay up,” Augello says.

And for Disney World, it says it’s time to lose the masks, which are now optional in most areas for guests who are fully vaccinated.

Unvaccinated guests are being urged to mask up, but workers aren’t checking.

Central Florida tourism industry leaders say removing barriers — even small steps like this — attracts would-be travelers.

“This is another positive step toward pre-pandemic life, for residents, for visitors,” says Denise Spiegel, Visit Orlando’s senior director for public relations. “Our summer travel season may be close to or exceed 2019 levels.”

As for traveling around Disney World without a mask? For Augello, happiness is being comfortable.

“If we’re in a situation where we’re packed in like sardines, maybe we’ll put it on, just to be safe.”

Brannon agrees.

“Hallelujah, I’m happy. It’s not fun to run around in Florida with a mask in the summertime.”