Murder trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery continues in Georgia (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The trial in Ahmaud Arbery’s death continues in Brunswick, GA.
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he first police officer on the scene of Ahmaud Arbery’s killing told jurors Monday that one of three white men charged with murder “cornered” Arbery before the Black 25-year-old was fatally shot.

Ricky Minshew, a former Glynn County Police Officer, said he spoke with William “Roddie” Bryan, who told Minshew he “blocked,” “cornered” and “cut off” Arbery.

“Should I have been chasing him? I don’t know,” Bryan said, according to a transcript of Minshew’s body-camera video read in court.

Monday marked the beginning of the first full week of testimony in the trial of Bryan and father and son Greg and Travis McMichael. In the morning, jurors heard from an investigator who documented the crime scene and took a series of graphic photos.

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