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City of Guatemala –Vice President Kamala Harris expressed optimism after meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Jamatti on Monday to improve cooperation with Guatemala to deal with the surge in immigration to the United States. ..

She also issued a direct warning to migrants considering trekking, “Don’t come, don’t come.”

Her comment at a press conference after meeting Jamatti personally is despite Harris engaging in substantive talks with the Presidents of Guatemala and Mexico on a three-day visit to the region this week. Emphasized the challenges that still remain. President.

“We would like to emphasize that the goal of our work is to help Guatemalans find hope at home,” Harris said. “At the same time, dangerous trekking to the US-Mexico border. I want to say clearly to the people in this area who are thinking of doing it. Don’t come, don’t come. “

Along with Mr Harris’s visit, the Biden administration announced that the Justice Department would create an anti-corruption task force and an additional task force to combat trafficking and drug smuggling in the region.

Harris also promised a new program focused on creating educational and financial opportunities for girls there, among other new initiatives. And she said her goal in the region was to regain “hope” for the population and no longer feel the need to flee their homeland in search of better opportunities in the United States.

But despite the talk of new ways to cooperate, curbing corruption and improving living conditions in the region will help the previous administration stop the flow of immigrants to the United States. It was a long-term challenge that I couldn’t achieve in my efforts.

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Despite the best efforts of the US authorities, some of the challenges remain that corruption supports much of the government in the region. In fact, Jamatti himself faces criticism about how to deal with this issue.

Last month, two lawyers who frankly criticized the Jamatti administration were arrested on suspicion of making up to silence them.

And the election of a judge, the Supreme Court of the Constitutional Court in Guatemala, has fallen into allegations of influence and corruption. Giammattei chose his Chief of Staff to fill one of the five vacant seats. When Gloria Porus, a respected opposition to corruption, was elected for the second term, a parliament dominated by Jamatti’s party refused to sit down.

On Monday, Jamatti did not appear to be very keen on addressing these issues.

When asked by the Associated Press about his criticism of his record of corruption, Giammattei initially ignored the question. When another journalist asked for an answer to his complaint, Jamatti seemed resentful at the claim that he was responsible, claiming that the claim of corruption against him was “zero,” and called the drug trafficker. Considered the biggest corruption problem in his country.

Still, Harris told reporters that the two had “very straightforward and very straightforward” conversations, including “the importance of anti-corruption and the importance of an independent judicial independence.”

Harris said the Justice, Treasury and State Departments will cooperate in anti-corruption investigations and train local law enforcement agencies to conduct their own investigations.

“We are creating this task force to deal with corruption. We are working on a task force on human smuggling. If we want to attract US and private investment to the region, we have a certain amount. We are doing work that requires progress, “Harris said.

Jamatti also agreed that the United States and Guatemala will work together in a “very simple process” through visas to enable regular immigration to the United States, and both countries prioritize family reunion. He said he was working on doing.

The White House also has a $ 7.5 million commitment to support Guatemala entrepreneurs and innovators through USAID and millions of dollars in financing affordable housing, agribusiness, and domestic SMEs. Announced investment.

In addition to meeting with Jamatti, Harris attended a roundtable with leaders of the Guatemalan community and civil society, meeting with young female engineers and entrepreneurs.

In addressing the root causes of migration, Harris has taken an approach focused on creating better opportunities and living conditions in the region through humanitarian and financial assistance.

Harris has previously announced plans to provide refugee assistance and send $ 310 million to address food shortages, and she recently announced a North Triangle to promote financial opportunities and vocational training. Secured promises from 12 companies and organizations investing in countries.

Washington won a favor last week through vaccine diplomacy. Jean Matty and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador received a call from Harris on Thursday saying that the United States would send 500,000 and 1 million COVID-19 vaccines, respectively.

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While in Latin America, Harris also embarked on immigrant politics. Republicans have criticized both President Joe Biden and President Harris for not visiting the US-Mexico border, claiming that the administration is ignoring the Mexican border crisis.

April was the second-highest month in the record of unaccompanied children encountered at the border, following a record high in March. The total number of border guard encounters in April increased by 3% from March, the highest level since April 2000.

On Monday, Harris defended her decision not to visit the border, saying she was focusing on addressing the root causes of immigrants in ways that produced “visible” results “as opposed to exaggerated gestures.” I told reporters.

But even though Harris insisted on reforms in the country’s capital, the very immigrants she wanted to help were still flowing into the country’s borders.

Henry Armando Rodriguez, 27, from El Paraiso in south-central Honduras, took a rest on a trip to the United States on Monday outside an immigrant shelter in Tekun Uman on the Guatemala-Mexico border. He didn’t know about Harris’s visit, but explained why he kept touching the despair he wanted to deal with.

“Now life in Honduras is very bad,” he said.

He said it was his first attempt to relocate. He decided to go on a journey because his house could not find farming due to the drought.

When he was able to find a job, he couldn’t make enough money to buy a decent home. He said, “I have to flee Honduras to look for new opportunities” because of the poverty of Honduras. And when he was fishing for voting before and after the election season. I wasn’t impressed by the politicians who just wanted to help.

“They promised you the sun and the moon, but in the end they forgot all of them,” he said. “They are only interested in themselves, their way of life, and the lives of the poor are of little importance to them.”

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Kamala Harris, Vice President of Travel to Guatemala, Warns Immigrants Severely: “Don’t Come”

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