Joe Henderson: Gov. DeSantis Needs To Come Down Hard On The GOP’s Fringe – Florida Politics

He should tell those demanding an audit of Florida’s 2020 election to sit down, shut up, and move to the kiddie table.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has no trouble speaking his mind when he believes it’s called for, or even sometimes when it isn’t. He now has a clear opportunity to forcefully use his voice in public service to all the people of Florida.

He should tell the fringe of his Republican base to sit down, shut up, and move to the kiddie table.

Stifle, get a grip, and catch a ride on the reality train.

He could do everyone a favor — Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike – by shooting down the needless, wasteful, and downright looney idea for an “independent” audit of Florida’s 2020 election.

The Governor himself touted how well-run that election was throughout the state, and he justifiably bragged about it. Florida, we know, hasn’t always been able to take a victory lap over the way it runs elections.

That’s not good enough in the bizarro world that is Lake County, though. Those people apparently won’t be happy until Republicans win every election 20-million-to-nothing.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the Lake County Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution calling for the audit. The group claims “a majority of citizens doubt that the November 3, 2020, election was conducted openly and fairly.”

No, a majority of the tin-foil-hat crowd believes that, but go on.

The committee said people “doubt the number of legal votes cast for each candidate equals the reported and certified results, in Lake County, the State of Florida, and the United States.”

Oh, hey, this is good.

The committee “demands” that the Legislature conduct an “immediate, open, transparent and independent full forensic audit, including a hand recount” of Lake County and the entire state.

I would demand that those folks, oh, never mind.

Rep. Anthony Sabatini is at the core of this farce. The Bart Simpson of GOP politics started this push by filing an audit bill in the House because … oh, who knows what goes on inside his head. Nothing worthwhile, I suggest.

Sabatini represents Lake County in the Legislature and announced a plan to run for Congress. Yeah, we need more of his kind in Washington because chaos and belligerence are great ways to govern.

So far, the “demand” has been met mostly with silence among GOP leaders. We need more, though, and DeSantis is the perfect person to deliver that message.

He could flash some of his famous impatience. DeSantis could put the lunatic fringe of his party on notice that he has no tolerance for garbage.

Yeah, that might upset those in the far-out right wing, but I’m good with that. Besides, there’s an upside worth exploring. Sane Republicans could realize they don’t have to play along with this junk.

Sabatini acts like he is back in middle school trying to rig the student council vote, and it has to stop.

It’s time for DeSantis to be the adult in the room.

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