Jaren Mangham Found His Football Family – USF – Bay News 9

TAMPA, FL. – Regardless of their record, its clear that USF is playing with more fire this season. One big reason is thanks to the play of transfer running back Jaren Mangham.

“I try to make a play any way possible,” said Mangham.

Mangham has already set a program record by scoring multiple rushing touchdowns in four straight games. But that is noting new for him. He has been doing that since high school.

Mangham played at Detroit-Cass Tech. During his 2019 recruiting he was considered one of the best athletes in the state and country.  He decided to take his talents to Colorado. Everything seemed to be going his way. That all changed when he lost his grandmother to cancer.

“That’s kind of what made me not focus on football,” said Mangham. “It was very hard for me. It was a difficult transition. I’m happy and just excited to be back in the position that I am.”

Mangham committed to USF last winter. One of the main reasons was head coach Jeff Scott.

“I love Coach Scott, I love the staff he brought it,” said Mangham. “A very players first type of guy and he really cares for us deeper than football.”

“He’s been a great addition to our team and he just brings great energy to our offense,” said Scott.

Mangham has shown himself to be more than a goal line back. He’s very capable of taking the ball and heading off with his speed, while using that strength to avoid tacklers.

“I just keep my feet moving,” said Mangham. “That is kind of the main goal. I always pride myself on not going doing with the first ball carrier. So, that is what I always try to do.”

Mangham is closing in on a USF single-season program mark for rushing touchdowns. He’ll probably find a home in the program record book. But what’s more important to Jaren Mangham is that he found a home at USF.

“It’s really a family build here and I really see things coming to the light very soon,” said Mangham.