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TAIPEI, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Universally understood by the market, the strong resuscitation of the semiconductor industry because of automotive electronics has greatly kept HI-LO much busier than ever in the last two years. HI-LO, the world’s leading provider of IC programming solutions, successfully marketed its brand during this period of time, building trust with tier-1 automotive companies, IC design companies, and IC distributors from EMEA and the Americas and thus has secured over 40% growth in sales in overseas markets.

“One can see a self-driving car zooming toward the never-ending road and never looking back,” the founder of HI-LO cautiously commented years ago.

As ICs become smaller while carrying more functions, various requests for programming emerge. Demand for ICs such as automotive MCUs, ECU and high density ICs such as eMMC, UFS increased significantly these years. Averagely, an autonomous car is equipped with more than 150 ICs to carry out functions like ADAS, smart cockpit and telematics. Therefore, it is expected that over 1 billion automotive ICs will be programmed and given functions in the near future, leading to multi-billion dollar business opportunities with such high-end technical specifications.

To meet the demands of such trends, HI-LO prepares itself by innovation of their programming systems to optimize the supportability, efficiency, and quality of its solutions. In addition, to benefit customers’ business, HI-LO’s established worldwide programming network successfully offers prompt programming service and technical support locally. Therefore, existing or new customers are more willing to place their design and product on HI-LO’s solutions.

As for customers who have demand of mass production at their site, HI-LO has launched three different models of automated programming systems to serve customers from different industries.

AT3-310D2, equipped with two units of programmers, delivers the best option for high mix, low volume production; AT3-310A4, the latest model of 310A series, supports the widest range of ICs and is the best option for mass and ramp-up demand. Their innovative with best cost-effectiveness is highly commended by customers and therefore marks HI-LO as a long term trusted solution throughout the semiconductor industry.

Last but not least, AT3-370AL, the optimal solution for high-end ICs such as automotive, military ICs or UFS, eMMC ICs, has been designated as the exclusive model from our world-leading EMS companies and IC design companies. Equipped with the most advanced programming core and in-system lead scan precision system, AT3-370AL strikes the balance between efficiency and quality.

Comprehensive solutions in all aspects are the reason why customers from world-leading EMS to top automotive corporations trust HI-LO’s products with their most valuable designs. In return, HI-LO continues to innovate its products and establish local programming centers to provide the best service. HI-LO can play an important role along with IoT, the automotive industry, and 5/6G in reshaping the world.

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