Florida Partnership Yields Federal Contract For Arch Therapeutics – Worcester Business Journal

Arch Therapeutics, a Framingham biotechnology company specializing in wound care and biosurgical devices, announced on Monday its AC5 Advanced Wound System would be added to federal contracts.

Arch’s new milestone is the result of an ongoing partnership with Lovell Government Services, a Florida medical supply distributor, which began in September.

The AC5 Advanced Wound System is a product used for the management of partial and full-thickness wounds, such as pressure sores, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and surgical wounds, according to the press release.  

The new wound system would be added to the Federal Supply Schedule and General Services Administration contacts amplifying its scope.

“The inclusion of AC5 on the Federal Supply Schedule, in concert with our previously announc- ed DAPA and ECAT awards, greatly expands the accessibility and ease of procurement of AC5, which will now be available for patients at all federal government facilities,” said Dr. Terry Norchi, CEO and president of Arch Therapeutics, in a written statement.