Connecticut Residents Ready To Cheer On Team USA – NBC Connecticut

Even though Olympic athletes can’t have fans in the stands this year, sports fans we spoke to will be cheering loudly here in Connecticut.

“When it comes to the Olympics, I was actually pumped for it,” Mitchell Egazarian of Berlin.

He is one of many celebrating the start of the Olympics at Central Rock Gym in Glastonbury.

Sport climbing is set to make its debut during the 2020 Tokyo games.

“It’ll be interesting to see some of the top competitors battle it out,” said climber Albert Hansrisuk of Glastonbury.

While watching pros from around the world scale surfaces is impressive, it’s understandably intimidating for local climbers too.

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“They’re definitely inspiring, but at the same time you see someone do a move that’s just impossible for you and you’re like, ‘Okay, I’m not there yet,’” said climber Ethan Rathbun of Southington laughing.

A group playing pickup basketball in East Hartford is also pumped to watch the world class athletes compete.

“During the pandemic when they shut down all the sports and we were all stuck at home, just all that built up tension about what was going on. So I’m glad that we’re back to a semi-normal state and I’m looking forward to seeing how the country does,” said Chris Etienne of Vernon.

That competition brings fans closer.

A must-watch tradition that comes with a lot of memories for many people.

“I watched it growing up. I remember watching track and field because I did track in high school. Watching Usain Bolt win all those records…so I’m excited for track this year,” said Elvis Alexander of West Hartford.

Another sport back on the playing field this year is baseball, softball too, after they were pulled from the program after the 2008 games.

“Yeah, I’m definitely going to watch that. I love baseball. I grew up playing baseball, watching it,” said Armani Hernandez of New Britain, practicing in the batting cages with his friends.

“It’s awesome to see how somebody can go so far and somebody being from New Britain and Connecticut and building yourself, and hopefully one day to be as great as somebody that’s a dream, an inspiration,” said Maribel Gonzalez.

“You get to cheer for like your country on a national scale. That’s my favorite thing about it like seeing how people stack up against each other, even if they don’t win, that’s cool,” said climber and baseball fan Tanner Sperry of Southington.

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