CDC Updates International Travel Advice, U.S. Neighbors Remain At ‘high’ Level – Tampa, Florida –

Tampa, Florida 2021-06-08 20:54:43 –

As more and more people around the world are vaccinated against the coronavirus, the CDC is updating travel advice on more countries. This week’s latest update affects 120 countries.

With this update, 33 countries, including Iceland, Israel and Singapore, have moved to the lowest risk category. CDC uses a 4-level system.

According to the CDC, this advice seeks to better define “serious outbreak situations” and regions and countries where COVID-19 infection rates are “persistent but controlled.”

The CDC recommends that all travelers be fully vaccinated. Their advice is primarily about unvaccinated people, Designated country.

American neighbor, Canada and Mexico, According to the CDC, both are listed as “Level 3” or “High Level COVID-19” and there are 100 to 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Vaccinated.

There are reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration is considering initiating a gradual reopening of the border between the United States and Canada in late June. The United States has enforced travel restrictions along the Canadian border until June 21, but it has been extended before and it is not clear if it will be extended again.

Canada has previously stated that it will lift its coronavirus restrictions once the country reaches 75% of the population receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine. Politico reports Some mayors of towns near the US border have heard Canadian authorities discuss lifting restrictions by June 21.

Currently, travelers entering Canada have a 14-day quarantine period, even if they are fully vaccinated.

CDC updates international travel advice, U.S. neighbors remain at ‘high’ level Source link CDC updates international travel advice, U.S. neighbors remain at ‘high’ level