Broward County Couple Fined For Displaying Small Gay Pride Flag – Florida Politics

The couple is not backing down.

A Florida couple was fined by a homeowner’s association for displaying a small gay pride flag in the front yard of their home.

WTVJ-TV reports Bob Plominski and Mike Ferrari of Oakland Park, Florida, were issued a citation telling them to take it down or pay a a $50 daily fine. The Eastland Cove HOA sent the violation notice on June 5 after receiving a complaint.

The couple said they were confused, adding they had flown the pride flag before and posted political signs with no problems.

“I got upset. We’ve done this before and it’s a simple showing of our pride to the community and it’s up for 30 days,” Plominski told the news station. “We were in shock they were going to do that.”

A member of the HOA board said its rules restrict residents to displaying only U.S. or military flags.

Plominski said they will not back down and will keep it up for 30 days.


Republished with permission from The Associated Press.

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