5 Things To Know About Pink P Passes Ahead Of 2021 Daytona Truck Meet – News 13 Orlando

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — This weekend is the 2021 Daytona Truck meet, billed as the world’s largest truck show.

Daytona Beach Police expect 5,000 trucks and 35,000 visitors to roll in to town over the next few days to attend. With increased traffic, they are putting an old special event beachside access system into effect that Chief Jakari Young claimed is causing a lot of confusion. 

What is a Pink P? A Pink P is a pass for those in Daytona Beach who live or work beachside that they can use to cross over the Main Street Bridge quickly during special events, if the Daytona Beach Police Department determines that the other bridges are backed up with traffic.  What does it look like? The Pink P pass is exactly as it sounds, the letter P on a Pink sheet of paper. Drivers should display it on their dashboard when they are going to use it, DBPD indicated.  Do I need one? Short answer, no. Implementing use of the pass is only meant as a courtesy to locals, Young said, but it has generated a lot of confusion. “Somehow, this has created mass hysteria where people believe that the brirdges are going to be closed and the only way you are going to be able to get on the beachside is if you have a Pink P,” Young said. “That is not true. At this point in time, there are no plans on closing the bridge this weekend. At all.” ​ What if the bridges are not backed up? According to Young, if the traffic is flowing over the bridges, the Pink P system will not go into effect. Cross any bridge, don’t detour to go to Main Street.  How can I get a Pink P? If you live or work beachside in Daytona Beach, you qualify for a Pink P and can pick one up at Daytona Beach Police Headquarters at 129 Valor Boulevard. ​ Those who are issued a Pink P should hold on to it because it may be used for other special events or during hurricanes, Young said.