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Florida State expanded the quarterback board earlier this week, extending scholarship offers to 2023 signal-callers, Brock Glenn and Rickie Collins. After some deliberation, the Seminoles are now looking to add a second quarterback alongside longtime commitment, Chris Parson.

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Glenn has developed into a rising commodity this offseason, earning at least 20 offers since the beginning of the year. Coming off a recent visit to TCU, it’s a journey that Glenn himself still struggles to wrap his head around.

“It’s crazy. I came into Lausanne Collegiate School as a freshman. I didn’t know much about the whole quarterback position like at a college level. I came from a Wing-T offense so I really just handed the ball off,” Glenn said to NoleGameday’s Dustin Lewis. “When I came into Lausanne, I had to learn everything basically from scratch offensively. My development year to year has been absolutely insane. Freshman year, I got better, put some weight on, stayed in the weight room. Sophomore year, I took over as the starter. I played six games due to COVID so that was a good starting year. My junior year, which I just played, I grew tremendously. Especially in the weight room with my size, height, and weight. This year, from my junior season, I’ve grown even more.”

“The development that I’ve been through during my three years of high school so far has been absolutely insane and college coaches tell me that all the time,” Glenn continued. “That I’m not the same player that I was a year ago, I’m so much more improved. I just think that’s come from dedication, I’ve been working all of the time, just trying to get better, be as great as I can be. I’ve put on tons of weight. I played my junior season at around 180 or so. I’m at 200 now, I grew about an inch so I’m about 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. I’ve been grinding, really trying to develop each and every year. Get better, get better, stack days on top of days and improve.”

On Tuesday, the Seminoles officially joined Glenn’s recruitment. Head coach Mike Norvell called him to extend the offer. It’s an opportunity that Glenn is thankful for and he’s considering a visit to Tallahassee. He previously was on campus in March for one of the Junior Days.

“Coach Norvell called me and our defensive coordinator, Coach Jordan, at Lausanne. Really, I was excited. Coach and I have been building a relationship for a while now ever since my visit down to Florida State in March,” Glenn said. “Coach Norvell, coach Tokarz, and I, we’ve been building a relationship, staying close. We knew that there was a possibility that they would take two and then they decided to take two and they called me to offer. I was just excited, super thankful, it’s a great opportunity, so I definitely look forward to getting down there to check it out again and see what all it has to offer.”

Ever since his first unofficial visit a few months ago, Glenn has stayed in contact with coach Norvell along with quarterbacks coach, Tony Tokarz. He had a feeling that if they made the decision to take two signal-callers in the 2023 class, he’d pick up an offer from the Seminoles.

“I knew that if they were to take two quarterbacks, they’ve been debating it for a while, but I knew if they were to take two, I was pretty confident that they would offer just from the conversations we’ve had in the past,” Glenn said. “But, it’s honestly a great opportunity just because I know how well coach Norvell develops quarterbacks. He proved that at Memphis. Their offense is a really quarterback-friendly offense so I feel like I could be pretty good in that. My coaching staff at Lausanne is very close with coach Norvell and that entire staff from when they were at Memphis. They all have good relationships, they all talk all the time. That’s kind of how it got introduced to me and it went from there.”

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The Tennessee native has been familiar with Norvell and Tokarz dating back to their time at Memphis. Glenn believes that Norvell is primed for success at Florida State and that he’s someone who could develop him for the NFL.

“As a person, I love both of them. At some points, we’ve taken Florida State out of it and just talked about anything. Life, recruitment, things like that,” Glenn said. “So I love them as people but also as a football coach. Coach Norvell is a very good coach, especially with quarterbacks and the offense. He had great success at Memphis and he will definitely have great success at Florida State with everything he’s building and bringing there. I do trust him from an offensive standpoint and really just from a head coaching standpoint and as a person. When I went and visited in March, my family and I got a chance to sit down and talk with him one-on-one and he’s a great guy. I love everything he stands for and believes in. Really, I trust him coaching me and developing me for the main goal which is the NFL.”

“The same with coach Tokarz,” Glenn continued. “He’s a really smart guy football and life-wise. We have a great relationship as well. When I was down there visiting, we talked non-stop and we stayed in contact after. Really, I love the whole coaching staff.”

Florida State is offering Glenn relatively late in his process, considering he’s recently officially visited TCU and is being pursued swiftly by Virginia, Auburn, Mississippi State, and other programs. Despite that, the Seminoles have a legitimate chance to land him due to their coaching staff.

It doesn’t hurt that Glenn and his family have been taking yearly trips to Florida for vacations. During that time, he’s grown fond of the state.

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“When I went down there, it’s a very beautiful campus. It’s in Florida, which I like. I love the state of Florida, my family and I take trip down there every year for vacation. I’m kind of a little familiar with Florida and I don’t think there would be anything better than playing football there,” Glenn said. “Besides all of the things that don’t really matter, the things that do much such as the coaching staff, they have a great coaching staff. The offense, how I fit, that’s important to me, I think I fit it great. They do a lot of the same things we do at here at Lausanne so that checks the box. And really just how I fit, I want to go down there again and see how I fit. I got to go down there in March but I wasn’t taking everything in as if I was going there. So on my next visit I plan to go down there, notice all of the small details, see how I fit in the place. I do plan to go back down there and really just get that fit which is really important to me when I’m choosing my college.”

Obviously, the Seminoles already have a quarterback committed in Chris Parson, who made his pledge last July. Glenn and Parson are somewhat familiar with one another, both playing football in the state of Tennessee. They actually competed against each other at the Elite 11 Nashville Regional earlier this month.

Glenn had nothing but high remarks for Parson while also stating that competition doesn’t bother him. In the long run, it can only make both players and the team better.

“Chris Parson is a great player. We got to work at Elite 11,” Glenn said. “He’s outstanding, he will definitely get an invite to the Elite 11. He had an outstanding day. It honestly blew us all away when he didn’t get invited but he definitely will. They’re going to come back and invite him because he’s an outstanding player and guy. We talk some and at the camp, we talked a good bit. He’s a great guy.”

“It doesn’t really both me that they’re taking two. I’ll go in and compete with whoever. Honestly, I think that makes me and the other quarterback better, just competing with each other every single day for the spot,” Glenn continued. “I think that plays into a good development standpoint where I know I’ll be developed every day because I have somebody trying to beat me out and I’m trying to beat somebody else out. It just makes us better which makes the whole team better so I’m comfortable with that. Chris Parson is a great guy, I love him. Great dude, great athlete and he can really spin it.”

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound quarterback is in the process of scheduling a visit to Florida State. Schools across the country are pushing for Glenn to give their program a shot so he has some tough decisions to make.

“I’m thinking about it. I haven’t put anything in stone,” Glenn said. “I have to talk with my family on taking an official visit there and some other places. I have a lot of teams really wanting me to come officially so I have to pick what suits us best and what my family and I can get the most out of. We will talk and decide over that. As of right now, I have no idea.”

One of the recent highlights for Glenn was participating at the Elite 11 Nashville Regional and punching his ticket to Los Angeles. It’s something that he has dreamed about throughout his life and it was even sweeter to come out on top of an event that featured plenty of competition. He’s excited for his shot in the finals in late June.

“It was awesome. I love to compete, especially against the top guys in the nation. There’s nothing more fun. Really it’s just great, I’ve been looking forward to that opportunity for a while now,” Glenn said. “It’s been a dream of mine to go to the Elite 11 Finals since I can remember. I grew up watching the finals on Youtube and praying and working that that would be me. I’ve prayed a lot, I’m a faithful man. I’ve prayed for a while that the things that have happened to me would happen and they did. I believed and I’ve worked for them and they’ve happened so I’m extremely blessed for that. There’s no feeling like it honestly, just seeing a dream come true, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Really, just so thankful that I was able to have that opportunity to compete alongside some of the best in the nation and prove myself and earn an invite to the Elite 11 Finals. I do look forward to competing there in Los Angeles. That’ll be fun.”

While Glenn is still deciding on all of the programs that will receive a visit from him, he’s looking to make a commitment relatively soon. His goal is to know where he wants to go before the end of next month.

“My recruitment is changing each and every single day. It’s honestly gotten later than I would have liked but I can’t help it,” Glenn said. “I want to have a decision made as fast as possible so that’s what I plan on doing. Taking my visits to the top five or so schools and then deciding from there. I really want to know before July. I’d say mid-June, late-June, I really want to know right before July.”

Glenn is planning to be an early enrollee at the school he chooses to sign with. He’s considered the No. 428 overall prospect, the No. 23 QB, and the No. 15 recruit in the state of Tennessee in the 2023 class.

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